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Początek końca replik AK w Rosji?

05.03.2017Author: FishboneeComments: 25

Koncern Kałasznikow wyruszył z krucjatą przeciw rosyjskim sklepom airsoftowym.

As written at Marty Airsoft Russia, suits for large amounts of money were filed against Russian airsoft shops, which use the name of products that have anything to do with the AK family of guns (e.g. replicas of AKM, AKMS, AK-74, AK-104/105, SVD, Makarov etc.), since their used has been restricted. 



What is interesting, the "attack" was aimed only at the shops, not the manufacturers the shops get their supplies from. The reason for this is that it is probably easier for the Concern to fight with small, local enterprises than major companies dealing with actual production. The replica of the AEG AK, licensed by the Kalashnikov Concern will be released soon, and its price will be steep as it will have no competitors. 





Marty Airsoft Russia

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