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Raptor: stalowy zestaw konwersyjny PKP

14.07.2017Author: FishboneeComments: 21

Jeszcze w tym miesiącu produkt powinien być dostępny w sprzedaży.

Raptor is another new company on the airsoft market which focuses its line of products around Russian weapon designs. Taiwanese manufacturer has been in business for a relatively short time yet it managed to catch people's attention during IWA fair. There it resented a prototype replica of the PKP Piecheneg LMG.




The replica recently underwent shooting tests:



What’s more interesting accordint to Raptor’s dataPKP has a range of 70m. It is also confirmed that the gearbox has 9 mm bearings. 


But is someone would not like to buy a new replica, built from the ground up, the manufacturer will also sell a full steel conversion kit for A&K’s PKM




The kit should be available at the end of this month.






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