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U.S Marine Corps poszukuje nowych kamizelek płytowych

31.07.2017Author: FishboneeComments: 18

Aktualnie trwają prace nad projektem Plate Carrier Generation III

The US Marine Corps together with the US Army started the Plate Carrier Generation III project. Its main objectives are the reduction of the tactical gear weight and also adjusting the sizes so that they will fit most soldiers.  




The new design is smaller is size then the currently used vests retaining the same level of protection. The third generation plate carrier is 23% lighter and about 3 cm shorter. What is interesting, it is made as a unisex model. To easy the life is soldiers with smaller body frame, small short, x-small short and small long sizes will also be available.

The ballistic plates will also be upgraded as the current design is widely known, therefore its weak points could be possibly found and this knowledge used in combat. 




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