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Glock: piąta generacja pistoletów

24.08.2017Author: FishboneeComments: 9

W sieci pojawiła się fotografia przedstawiająca reklamę piątej już generacji Glocków.

On the 31 August in the USA Glock will hold a presentation of their new products, an event for which the firearms enthusiasts wait eagerly. Moreover, five days before it, on the 26 August, at the Royal Range in Nashville the Exclusive New Glock Launch Party will take place. 

Yesterday, a new photo has surfaced on the Internet, presenting a new Glock product - the GlockGEN 5 pistol.




Thanks to this photo we know about the following modifications made in the handgun:

- the slide release button will be on both sides
- the magwell will be profiled to facilitate reloading 
- the finger indentations on the frame were removed

Currently, There are no information about changes in the pistol's mechanism itself.  


The discussion about the innovations in this generation of pistols started immediately. What is Your opinion about them?




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