Discounts on PTS Syndicate products

21.11.2018Author: Felipe7Comments: 0

Because of Thanksgiving, traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA, PTS Syndiate decided to discount its products by 10%.

Among the 25 discounted products, you can find front, vertical and pistol grips. The offer also includes flash hiders, as well as replicas of compensators, sound suppressors mounted on a 14 mm thread.

If you want to modify your Glock pistol replica, you can buy a slide with on external barrel for the Glock 19. Thanks to its minimalistic design, BattleComp company markings and an aluminum slide and a steel external barrel, the design will certainly gain realism without weakening it at the same time. Numerous grooves in strategic places make it easier to handle the whole in difficult weather conditions. All these features make the purchase of the set an interesting choice for those who want to modify the replica from the outside. The parts are compatible with KWA / KSC guns.

Additionally, by placing an order with a total value of 50 USD or more, patches will be added free of charge. However, if the total value is $ 300 or above, free international shipping is guaranteed. To see a full descriptions and place an order, just visit this link.

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