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The RA-TECH booth has its all - their own products, licensed products, customs and many more

FDR-15 F-1 Firearms - licensed by EMG i F-1 Firearms, a gas powered replica of a ultralight sport AR version.

Licensed markings, 16-inch barrel, C7K front grip and a framework receiver made of 7075 aluminium alloy.

The bolt carrier and other important parts of the replica are made of steel. To show the material durability, a test was carried out - the receiver has been shot at using a smoothbore weapon firing Trap 7.5 ammunition. The result of the test:

M14 Custom model 2019

The stock is made of hard sen wood (kalopanax - a tree growing in Asia). The bolt carrier and other important parts are made of steel. The price is around 1000 USD.

Colt Canada L119 A2 - the weapon of the SAS

USASOC URG-I (US Special Operations Command Upper Receiver Group, Improved) - according to the Chief Editor, the most realistic looking replica. It has the Super Modular Rail MK 16 Geissele Automatics front grip and Geissele markings on the receiver.

SAI Blu Standard (SAI - Salient Arms International)Steel sights and a titanium outer layer protecting the slide. It also has brass parts - as in the original gun.

Thompson M1A1 WE - custom with wooden parts.

And last but no least - collectors wooden boxes dedicated for various replicas:

And a system of interchangeable front grips (complete ones) for the GBB KWA, VFC and GHK replicas called the Renegade-Tech Mission Adaptable Quick Detach System

You can buy them here: (LINK)


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