Opportunity for reenactors - TWI is looking for stars

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The manufacturer is looking for teams that will become the brand's ambassadors

A few days ago, TWI has announced on Facebook profile that it is looking for teams from around the world who would like to become their ambassadors. There are several requirements, but the most important thing is that the team has be made of 7 to 10 members and that each of them uses a replica of a contemporary Russian weapon as well as uniforms and equipment.


The deal looks attractive. TWI promises to sign an annual contract, which will include, for example, testing new products and participation in photo sessions and advertising films. Sounds nice? Details are available on the TWI profile. Applications can be sent by the end of June.

Regardless of their search for collaborators, TWI constantly developing new products. They have just finished a prototype of the PT2 buttstock last weekend.

And a receiver cover with an integrated Picatinny rail (ZenitCo B-33). The photos below show it mounted together with the VS-24 front that is made in the Keymod standard.

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