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During the annual NRAAM meeting of 2019, Magpul has presented some interesting products

The annual meeting of NRA members, the National Rifle Association, which is the largest pro-shooting organization in the US, is an opportunity not only to discuss the future of the II amendment and lobbying, but also the opportunity to learn about new products in the shooting industry. This time the congress took place in Indianapolis on April 25-28.

Magpul did not fail to present some new products during NRAAM 2019.

The most visible were, undoubtedly, accessories for SMGs and pistols made by HK.

Magpul SL Grip Module pistol grip and trigger module fits MP5 SMGs and HK 91/93/94 carbines. The grip is equipped with a two-sided fire safety selector switch and pictograms characteristic for HK weapons.

Magpul also offers fronts for the above-mentioned HK models with 5 and 8 inch barrels.

Accessories for HK products are still in the prototype phase (3D printing), and the manufacturer has not yet determined the retail price.

For the fans of the CZ Scorpion EVO3 model

Magpul offers:

a new pistol grip

Price  24.95 USD

35 round magazine

Price 19.95 USD

and an enhanced magazine release switch

Price 24.95 USD

The company has also supplemented its bipods range with a model mounted to the standard swivel which is compatible with most hunting or sport rifles.

The bipod is equipped with a QD system for quick release from the mounting. The retail price is 129.95 USD.

The Magpul® Bipod - Sling Stud QD model broadens the offer of already available bipods that can be mounted on Pictatinny rails or M-Lok and A.R.M.S mounts.

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