Lots of new products?

14.08.2019Author: CzoperComments: 4

LCT has announced many new accessories for the AK system replicas

Just a moment ago LCT has published such a photos on its Facebook profile:

And no additional information.

Some of the accessories shown in it have been offered by LCT for a long time, but most of them are new. Thus, the amount of modern accessories for AK replicas will soon increase significantly. As someone commented under the LCT's Facebook post - "better late than never".

We quickly managed to spot/recognize the following ones:

- PT-1 and PT-3 buttstocks;
- RK-3 pistol grips;
- RK-0 and RK-6 vertical grips;
- B-33 receiver cover;
- DTK-1, DTK-1L and DTK-2 muzzle breaks;
- B-30 and B-10M fronts;
- B-31S and B-19 gas tube covers;
- B-9, B-13 and B-18 accessory rails;
- RP-1 charging handle;
- A-1 carrying sling mount;
- PKP DTK PUTNIK supressor.

All the listed accessories are originally produced by the Russian giant, Zenit Co. Maybe you can recognize more or correct our observations.

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