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LCT Bizon PP-19

15.07.2014Autor: OokamiKomentarze:

Firma LCT wprowadza do sprzedaży replikę karabinu maszynowego Bizon PP-19

You have heard it first before here and now it's finally released. LCT Airsoft announced that they have released their version of the PP-19 Bizon though not much details on the features (or if you want to call it, unique selling points) of the AEG as compared to the Silverback PP-19 which was the first in the market the followed by the S&T version. We also don't know if these PP-19 AEGs will be compatible with each other, especially the magazine. But as always LCT Airsoft versions are usually made of good quality materials which we'll find out soon if this one is good quality too.

Interested dealers and retailers can contact the company for bulk orders. This is a limited edition run at 400 pieces only, so get your allocation quick.

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