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Interview with Kitty Sin, marketing manager in WGC Shop

Ten artykuł pochodzi ze starszej wersji portalu i jego wyświetlanie (szczególnie zdjęcia) może odbiegać od aktualnych standardów.

Note: Text wrote in Polish: Wywiad z Kitty Sin, kierowniczką marketingu WGC Shop


Interview with Kitty Sin, marketing manager in WGC Shop was partially carried out by e-mail and updated when I was paying a visit to WGC Shop in Hong Kong. Enjoy!


WGC Shop rules on 14th floor


WGC wejście
When you enter the facility, there is no doubt that we are in "this" WGC (photo by WGC Shop) Could you tell us something about the basis of WGC? How was it founded?

WGC Shop: WGC was founded in 1998 as an online airsoft community, called War Gamer Club at that moment. In 2000, War Gamer Club was officially transformed as WGC Shop to provide an-easy-to-use online shopping platform for airsoft enthusiasts all over the world to buy their desired airsoft equipment and get it delivered directly to their doors.




Show space (photo by WGC) We can imagine airsoft market can go up and down, how was it recently for a company located in Hong Kong?

WGC Shop: Actually, the airsoft market is quite saturated at this stage. On the other hand, the world economy and government legislation definitely affect the prospect of the airsoft market. But honestly speaking, every business may experience the up and down. It is unavoidable and out of our control. In the past, we did experience huge loss once due to the sudden shipment confiscation in Holland. That crisis drove many airsoft retailers closed down at that time. Luckily, we were strong enough to be survived.




Show case - pistols


wystawa c.d.

Close to one piece of a kind - makes choice easier for the undecided Some might say, you are most recognized foreign asg shop in Poland. How do you see that from your side?


WGC Shop: First of all, thank you for the support from the Poland customers. Thank you! We do receive positive feedbacks from customers regularly. Most of them are satisfied with our fast delivery, reliability and product diversification. We are always happy with their support and appreciation since all these motivate us to do even better.



Technician (photo by WGC)



Even though my visit was unexpected, everything looks like under control



Workshop Is there anything in particular which is being shipped to Poland more frequently on regular basis?

WGC Shop: Um… actually no particular category or item that Poland customers frequently order, they order all types of products at WGC. Perhaps, it may due to the non-restriction to the airsoft import in Poland. 



Obsługa klienta
Customer service (photo by WGC)

From the impression of our Customer Service Team, Poland customers are always nice and easy-going. They usually choose to pay by Money Wire and ship by Airmail. Actually, we’re quite curious about the habit of the Poland customers as this type of selection may lead to a longer delivery time. Normally, Airmail takes more days for delivery and Money Wire needs a longer payment checking period. To speed up, Poland customers may select UPS or EMS as the shipping method and Paypal as the payment method. This selection may also reduce the chance of being out-of-stock as this shortens the payment process. 


Realizacja zamówień

Order processing and packing Every new competitor in the market is a good news for maniac. Could you tell us - if there are any - about plans to bring WGC brand name to Polish market, by setting up local retailer?

WGC Shop: 
We did think about setting up retail stores in different nations, but it takes time to prepare for the detail plans. But we are always welcome to hear any proposals of cooperation or collaborations.



Warehouse design is touched with perfectionism


Magazyn - korytarz

One more look at the warehouse Has anything funny or something you remembered in particular happened while running WGC Shop?

WGC Shop: 
Um… can’t really think of any funny things… But heard from our Customer Service Team, some of our customers are nice enough to pay them tips for coffee or beer. Of course, they can’t accept it. Finally, the extra payment are saved as credit and used for the future orders. And some are so nice that even send us gifts in return to express their gratitude. Happy customers are a sort of incentive to us!


Sala zebraniowa

Meeting room (photo by WGC) During the year, there are international fares related to guns and as well airsoft replicas. Do you plan to present your assortment during such events? Is WGC present on other events on regular basis?

WGC Shop: We do sponsor some kinds of operations in these few years. But the number of airsoft related fares is incredibly increasing. We receive a lot of invitations per day and it’s really a big challenge to us on making the sponsorship decision. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for those who are not being sponsored.




People work here as well In the end, is there any chance to present some news, exclusively for readers?


WGC Shop: I’m hoping that the pictures you’ve taken are useful and newsworthy. To thank for the support of the members, we would like to give out W-TEAM towels as little gifts for any orders at WGC Shop to members exclusively. Simply type in “ member” in the “Buyer Remarks” section, you can then receive our company towel with your shipment.  


Zespół WGC Shop

WGC Shop Team during trip to Japan in March 2008 (photo by WGC)




Ah, just want to remind members that in order to earn more benefit, please register for our web-based email system, AirsoftMail.
You can enjoy a 5% discount by using the AirsoftMail account for any orders.


Also, we do have a loyalty program. Customers can earn one point for every US$1 spent at WGC Shop. Accumulate more pointes to enjoy a greater discount. For details, you may contact


By the way, Paweł, thanks very much for your visit. Really glad to meet you and we hope to see you again soon in your next visit to Hong Kong!! Thank you for your time, it was really nice to talk with you!



Interview with Kitty Sin, marketing manager in WGC Shop, made by - Paweł "Bukhart" Starzycki of








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