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Guay Guay - G&G interview with James Liao

Interview with G&G general manager
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STRONA 1: Guay Guay - G&G interview with James Liao

Note: this is translation of text wrote in Polish: G&G czyli Guay Guay z Tajwanu - wywiad z przesem Jamesem Liao



In the end of July  our representative Bukhart has visited two producers in Taiwan. First was G&G - Guay Guay, precisely their new factory near the city of Taichung. Having this opportunity he took an interview with G&G general manager James Liao.


Before I get to the interview, I would like to share with a few impressions. First of all G&G hospitality was just great. Apart from taking me from Taichung train station and generous reception in their factory they offered to give me a lift to neighbouring ICS factory! :)


In their new factory at the time there are produced mainly budget series of G&G, sold under their brand Combat Machine Airsoft Guns. There is also a bigger team of designers working there, so it means that we may expect more replicas and conversion kits soon. There are some empty rooms in the factory still, but it looks like there is some more space for expansion.



G&G office
If you care for a smoke - pay a fine 10 000 TWD :)




WMASG.pl: I would not try to be very creative at the first question: could you tell us something about the very beginning - how was the company funded, who are the people standing behind the G&G name? What does Guay Guay means?

G&G: In 1984 we started our activity as a Tokyo Marui distributor. Because we have encountered number of maintanance problems, especially with replacement parts, in 2001 we decided to start production of our own replacement parts under our own brand. With the process of building more and more complete list of replacement parts, in 2004 we started to produce our first own brand airsoft guns.

As for Guay Guay brand name, it just means: "weird" in Chinese. At the very beginning we have sold many kinds of  toys which were taken as odd or wierd, so the brand name follows the trend. Also, Guay Guay is so catchy that people won’t forget it easily. It is hard to forget this "weird" company.



Assembly line at the new G&G factory
Assembly line at the new G&G factory



WMASG.pl: How would you comment on "G&G today - G&G in the future"?

G&G: We look into the future. Our long term target is to supply all countries' firearms airsoft replicas. We are at the beginning of the long way.



Free space in the new factory
There is some space for new assembly lines
New designers in G&G
New designers in G&G, let's hope for new replicas and conversion kits soon!



WMASG.pl Could you tell our readers something about the production process, anything about steps, how the AEG is being created from the beginning to the end - is everything made in one place? Or are you dependent on semi-finished product suppliers? (I understand that some information is company's secret).

G&G: Everything is assembled in two of our factories, but some parts like engine or CNC metal parts are made in specialized companies.



GB assembly
Gearboxes' assembly line



As for the steps:


    1. Measurement and assessment of real gun (the best in the real gun factory sometimes by documentation)
    2. Design and documentation of the project (3D dimensional)
    3 Gearbox parts and assemble
    4. Then rest of the parts assemble


Next is just to test a replica, correct any downturns and we may pack it and send it.



HU chamber assembly
Hop-up chamber assembly




WMASG.pl: So speaking of a testing process: How are your AEGs tested before they are ready to be shipped? Do you have any special device, or are there any lucky testers who can take series of shots to assure the company good name would not be hurt by failure replica?


G&G: Replicas are tested in selected part in the factory and they are being tested by employees responsible for quality control. 



G&G tester
G&G tester with CM "fourteen"



WMASG.pl: Is there anything, some technology which you are in particular proud of (i.e. barrel, hop-up)?

G&G: Care for details, strong will to correct any flaws, so good quality control. In care for design: real gun factory visit, choice of the best materials, and high pressure metal forging. We listen to the market opinion and try to satisfy our customers' needs.


Budget brand "CM" RK47 



WMASG.pl: Do you see any moment in your company activity as a turning point (s)?

G&G: The company existed as a Tokyo Marui distributor, and on that time we encountered number of problems with maintenance and replacement parts. So we decided to produce parts by ourselves, to be able to supply our customers in Taiwan. Making more and more parts made us closer to manufacture own guns. This was a turning point in our company's history.



New SCAR-H in progress
New SCAR-H is going to be born



WMASG.pl: Poland have no serious legal restrictions regarding airsoft, it is a 40 million country with a growing airsoft players number (35000 only those registered on WMASG.pl). How do you see Polish airsoft market?

It is a big opportunity but also a big challenge. We look forward to expand our activity in Poland.


AK series by G&G
Soon there should be AK-series by G&G Top Tech brand with blow-back simulation system



WMASG.pl: We are proud to have your AEGs available to review for some time now, do you plan to promote yourself by other means in Poland? Maybe by paying a visit on some game?

G&G: We wish to open an official distributor office and we would like to visit Poland as well.



LA85 by G&G
You may find something for fans of British



WMASG.pl: How are conversion kits selected by your company? Would a Hollywood movie or real world conflict be a reason? To Polish players it would be probably a very big news to see some Polish weapon replica made by a well known producer (just for information: Glauberyt - Poland made SMG - was a weapon in Resident Evil Extinction and Beryl is used in Iraq and Afghanistan).

G&G: We always try make it possible to happen by players votes. We are interested in seeking new opportunities of making new models. The long term target is to cover any firearm in the world, so we would like to take small steps to get closer to our targets. Recently we have started our SIG series and by knowing this opportunity we are very interested in Glauberyt and Beryl replicas. We hope we would be able to satisfy Polish airsoft players wishes. 



Glauberyt located
Glauberyt located after tips from WMASG.pl



WMASG.pl: Could you tell Polish players something about games in Taiwan? Are there many players? What time of games are most popular? Short range CQB or maybe green tactics?

G&G: Due to long history of airsoft in Taiwan, this hobby is relatively popular here. There are all kind of games played here: green tactics and as well CQB.



Packing G&G
CM budget line being packed


WMASG.pl: Is there any chance to get any exclusive news just for WMASG.pl readers - some product which would be released soon, or maybe prototype or project which would be available a bit later?


G&G: Our on-going product: P90  FS2000 (we don’t have these two models) Exclusive right for first publication on WMASG.pl!! SIG553 is Swiss’ on-going real gun. We are also working on it. Hope we can promote the product right at the same time with the real gun!



FS2000 in progress
FS2000 in progress
FS2000 in progress 2
FS2000 in progress



WMASG.pl: Is there anything you would like to add to say to Polish airsoft players?

G&G: We wish you a lot of joy taken from using our airsoft guns, and we would to say that we make our best efforts (i.e. by preparation to set up our official distributor office) to support best maintenance and service to our customers. We hope we would be able to supply you with Beryl and Glauberyt soon.


WMASG.pl: We would keep that in mind and we wish you all the good fortune!

G&G: Thank you, it was very nice to have you here!              




A few shots taken during WMASG.pl visit in G&G factory

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STRONA 1: Guay Guay - G&G interview with James Liao
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