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Interview with ICS - Julian Liu

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Note: this is translation of text wrote in Polish: Wywiad z Julianem Liu z ICS podczas wizyty na Tajwanie


In the end of July  our representative Bukhart has visited two producers in Taiwan. One of those was I Chih Shivan (ICS)factory where he took an interview with Julian Liu, international marketing executive.


ICS factory

ICS factory near Taichung (photo by ICS)



ICS factory is located near city of Taichung in the centre of Taiwan. I would like to say a few words of gratitude to ICS for they reception, even though I arrived so late. ICS policy of taking photos in the factory is pretty strict, but Julian Liu showed me around and provided with official photos of the factory. I took some photos in the conference room where there is quite impressive display showcase. Enjoy.



ICS office
Reception desk (photo by ICS)

 I still remember the days back in the late 90's or maybe even more a few years later, ICS in Poland was the only recognisable brand of AEGs next to the brands like Classic Army and Tokyo Marui. Could you tell us something about company's early days? Especially in care of younger players generation :) Why the airsoft market choice?

ICS: ICS enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983.  At the beginning, ICS developed and made toy air guns, gas pistols, dolls and other toys.  In recent years, the spread of global culture and the diversity of leisure activities, such as mountain hiking, swimming, surfing and motorcycle riding, show the trend in the world that people like to balance leisure and work.  Skirmish or war game is one of entertaining activities which combine military training and exercising.  This activity is getting popular around the world.  It provides people a brand new choice beyond the traditional exercises and also a leisure activity which can enhance the leadership skills.


ICS production line
ICS production line (photo by ICS) The other thing which might be not clear for Polish players is the company brand name. What does I Chih Shivan means, and how was it brought up?


ICS: ICS means Innovation, Competition and Satisfaction,ICS always design product with global concept independently, which always keep three principles in mind: easy disassembling, best quality and always innovation.


ICS slogan
ICS slogan (photo by Bukhart) What are you particularly proud of, any patented solution, some licensed marks or anything which makes the ICS brand strong?

ICS: First of all it is premium quality, 100% made in Taiwan and consumer oriented service. It's the chain of good quality in producing, taking effort on every detail and self-design all AEGs. Second, it is split gearbox with two features: A. Quickly assembling design - quick to take apart and assemble gearbox. B. Easily to switch - you can just exchange the upper gearbox to have different spring power in war game.    Third and the last: CXP – ICS self-designed concept AEG - based on M4 series but all around designed by ICS. ICS put efforts in innovation.




GB parts ICS
Upper gearbox parts (photo by ICS) We understand that the history of Polish official distributor of ICS is not long, but your replicas were available here for quite a long time, by other means. In Poland there are almost no legal restriction regarding airsoft, there is number of players (more than 35 000 registered users on and the airsoft is a growing market. how do you see the potential of Polish market?


ICS: From our distributor ICS can feel the potential in Poland, however, ICS know not that much about Poland market. So, we will collaborate with our distributor to have some marketing activities to get more understand about Poland market. in ICS
Thanks to your beloved - ICS knows a little more about Poland now (photo by Bukhart) How do you see the competition from mainland China cheap replicas? Is it a threat to ICS or is it just different market niche?

ICS: It's different segment in AEGS market, but they did encourage lots of peoples to try Airsoft. Nevertheless, cheap replicas expands total market size by this way. Economic crisis make people switch to mainland China cheap replicas, however, they could spend more money for upgrades in the future!.  We personally think that all the upgraded cost might be higher than a high quality one in the beginning.  You can easily tell the quality difference between premium replicas and cheap one, when you use the high quality one in war game!



ICS showcase
ICS showcase - piece of airsoft history Are there any airsoft players in your company? Where do you / or just Taiwanese players hold your / their games?

ICS: Yes there is quite a pro group of employees :). We play on open spaces, green tactics but CQB is also played.  In the city suburbs.



Watch out ICS
Watch out, there might be a pro back there (photo by ICS) Some might say that ICS is still targeting mostly Japanese market, is that true? Or if not was it true in the past?

ICS: No. ICS never focus on single market. Beside, there have copy right issue in Japan. So ICS won’t pay only one attention in Japan Market. 



Replicas ICS
Replicas ready for packing (photo by ICS) Being Polish I just must ask about that. There are two replicas which Polish players would like to see being made: it is SMG "Glauberyt" - which may be known to broader public by its presence Resident Evil Exctinction the movie, and "Beryl" carbine. What are the chances to see those produced by ICS - in some conversion kits or maybe limited edition?

ICS: Well, ICS will develop a product base on global trend and local exclusive, so we consider lot of situation!



ICS factory machines
Inside factory (photo by ICS) What official licensed marks do you actually have rights to use on your replicas? Do you plan to get this list bigger?

ICS: ICS already have SIG, and Colt official marks in hand. And we hope to get this list bigger indeed.



New SG series upper body (photo by ICS) ICS mission/ target is?

ICS: ICS follows the market demand and has globalization and localization strategy.  Local distributors, wholesalers, or dealers are our distribution channels to ensure our best products and best services can be delivered to the end users.  We expect ourselves to be the market leader to explore and create the market.
We take care of our brand and good will by constantly improving first tier R&D, middle tier production quality, and the last tier marketing capabilities.  ICS keep expanding the quality and quantity of R&D teams.  Our product lines will be more and more completed by our excellent innovative and developing capabilities.  All of these make ICS the best Taiwan made AEG brand in every aspect.



ICS tester
Tester at work (photo by ICS)  I would like to ask if it would be possible to give in some new product which was not released in news yet, exclusively for readers. Or any unofficial tip that "maybe there is a little chance that this or this replica would be released in uncertain future" ?


ICS: New product Galil and prototype of stem steel MP5 ( you may see those also in the short Youtube clip below). 



ICS new Galil
Brand new Galil by ICS (photo by Bukhart)
ICS new Galil fire mode selector
ICS new Galil fire mode selector
New stem steel MP5 prototype
New stem steel MP5 prototype (photo by Bukhart)
Check out also Youtube clip for some details on the news and more!


A few shots taken during visit in ICS factory near the city of Taichung Thank you for invitation and all help in making this interview realised.
ICS: Thank you for your visit, it was nice to have you here. 

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