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Nowe wideo repliki ICS
Nowe wideo repliki ICS

Nowe wideo repliki ICS

Nowe wideo repliki ICS
Nowe wideo repliki ICS

ICS has informed the WMASG editorial office about the publication of a new video of a GBB pistol replica called the BLE-XMK.


<iframe src="" width="560" height="314" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" />

The replica is available in two versions, a standard one with a 23-round magazine (BLE-010-SB) and a compact one with a 17-round magazine (BLE-010-CB).


The aesthetics of the replica do not leave much to be desired  and the attention is drawn to the shiny and mat finish of the slide and the recoil compensator made of a light aluminum alloy, screwed onto a barrel with a 14 mm CCW thread, which works perfectly with the extended inner barrel.


Moreover, the use of the Retro Valve system ensures high efficiency of the GBB system.
The replicas offer a muzzle velocity of 95 m/s (312 FPS). The weight of the BLE -XMK is in the range 720 to 778 g.




Trwa ładowanie...
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