CES-P A5 S3, a replica of the HK MP5 A5

06.07.2020Author: CzoperComments: 3

The new old MP5 by ICS

"Breaking" open the replica causes power to be cut off from the bottom of the gearbox. Part of an additional contact block is placed around the magazine well.

And this is how the second part looks in the trigger housing.

And once again an part the is inserted into it from a different perspective.

The receiver and the parts working in it. The aluminum inner barrel with Hop-Up chamber and the guide rod of the dummy bolt carrier slide with return spring are shown here.

The ZnAl Hop-Up chamber has slider adjustment as in the AK replicas. For comparison, an old type plastic chamber used in MP5 replicas with adjustment placed on the left side of the replica. 


Internal parts of the mechanism

The piston

A polymer piston head with a bearing

A standard cylinder head

A spring guide with a bearing

The nozzle

The inner barrel

An unusual bottom plate of the pistol grip

The bottom part of the gearbox has been removed. Previously, you had to remove the safety/selector switch.

Control module microswitches, on which the selector plate moves (red arrows). The yellow arrow indicates the microswitch moved by the cut-off lever.

The cut-off lever itself with a typical spring used by ICS.

The complete module with thin rigid wires and a block connecting it to the receiver.

Steel gears and a typical ICS anti-reverse latch with an extended spring release lever.

The complete bottom part of the gearbox just after opening.


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