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G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition 2023 [VIDEO]
G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition 2023 [VIDEO]

G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition 2023 [VIDEO]

G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition 2023 [VIDEO]
G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition 2023 [VIDEO]

The G&G Armament world championships are held every two years (with a pause caused by COVID-19), called the G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition. After regional eliminations conducted by local representatives of the G&G Armament brand (Airsoftzoneit is current representative for the Polish market) the finalists receive an invitation to the international finals held in the capital of Taiwan - Taipei. On this occasion, we, the media, also visited the Taipei World Trade Center in October last year, where the championships were held. Some time has passed, but the material is still relevant. So please read our report.

One of the oldest and largest manufacturers of airsoft replicas from Taiwan, G&G Armament, is a company which marketing activities go far beyond industry standards. The said competition was held for the first time in 2015 and, apart from the obvious promotion of the G&G Armament brand, the idea was to promote dynamic shooting among owners of airsoft replicas in a form unique to G&G Armament, i.e. based on the M.E.T. system, made by this manufacturer. The system is also intended to improve Taiwan's defense capabilities among its citizens. The M.E.T. system is not only proposed (with success) as a training tool for uniformed services (for this reason, to increase its durability, steel plates were used in the targets instead of the previously used rubber domes), but through a new initiative of the president of G&G Armament, James Liao, called The National Defense Education Association (co-organizer of the 2023 competition) is also offered to schools. Airsoft replicas used wisely can be a great preparation for later shooting training using firearms, which we are the best example of.

G&G Armament M.E.T.

The new version of the G&G M.E.T. system

James Liao, President of G&G Armament

James Liao, founder and president of G&G Armament during the opening of the G&G World Cup

We joined the G&G Armament event in 2017 (see the article) and the competition described here was the third time when, at the invitation of the organizer, we were able to follow a three-day, dynamic shooting competition of teams from several dozen countries, including Poland. Łukasz Pasiut and Łukasz Mućwicki returned as Polish representatives, as they also represented Poland back in 2017.

Łukasz Mućwicki and Łukasz Pasiut during G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition

Polish representation — Łukasz Mućwicki nad Łukasz Pasiut during the opening of G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition 2023


2017 report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtujL2GqawE

2019 report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8m_5mN0l8E

In the competition, participants start in pairs with assigned replicas provided by the manufacturer and, under time pressure, they must hit a given number of reactive M.E.T. system targets, placed in a more or less difficult to locations for shooters. Often, along the way, they have to perform an additional activity that makes it difficult to achieve good results or, as was the case this time, in one of the stages they were tied together with a short rope. The competition takes place on three tracks, the most demanding of which is left for the last day. At all times, competitors and the audience can follow current progress on an interactive board. The table changes until the last minutes, which increases excitement and pressure on the participants.

It is worth emphasizing that the event is accompanied by an impressive atmosphere. Participants and media are invited and hosted in Taiwan at the organizer's expense (flight, hotel and meals). This year, everyone was accommodated in one of the most recognizable and majestic hotels in Taipei - Grand Hotel, where a welcoming banquet was also held for invited guests. The event is also personally supported by many important people. The most important of them were: Lin Yu-chang (Minister of Home Affairs), Pu Tze-chun (former vice-prime minister of the Ministry of National Defense), Gen. Huoh Shoou-Yeh (former deputy minister of national defense and commander-in-chief of the Taiwan Army) .

The opening of the competition is always a grand ceremony, participants led by hostesses in traditional dresses, walk with the flags of their countries to the stage, where, after a series of speeches, the championships are officially opened by James Liao, president of G&G Armament. You can feel the solemn atmosphere, but also the growing concentration before the upcoming competition. It is certainly a great event for the participants. Bearing in mind that some of them are visiting Taiwan for the first time, the organizer has also planned more free time for them to go sightseeing. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about the charms of Taipei and Taiwan. Another important element is the traditional opportunity to visit the Presidential Palace and take a memorabilia photo. This time around the participants and I had the honor of meeting the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen.

(from the left) Dutch national team - winners of G&G World Cup 2023, president of G&G Armament James Liao, president of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen, president-elect Lai Ching-te, general secretary Lin Chia-lung and the Czech national team - vice-champions of G&G World Cup 202.

Together with some of the other teams, we also took a photo with the president of Taiwan - Tsai Ing-wen!

During the competition itself, there were also accompanying events where one could win G&G Armament replicas and cash prizes. However, the most important prizes were intended for the finalists of the G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition. Those who won the first place left Taiwan with very attractive and, it must be underlined, rare for shooting sports, prizes. The prize for third place was 2,000 USD, 5,000 USD for second place, and the best team went home not only with glory, but also with 10,000 USD on their account. The world champions of the G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition in 2023 were the Dutch team from Airsoft.Dionne, followed by the Czechs and the Italians.

Take a look at our video report again, where the guys from the Polish national team will tell you more about the course of the competition and it went for them!

And finally, the view from the hotel window where we were accommodated together with the participants. The G&G World Cup CQB Shooting Competition is not only a sporting event, but also a great opportunity to visit beautiful Taiwan.



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