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IWA 2019: Perun Airsoft

12.03.2019 Author: NAWE_Mario Comments: 2

The WMASG team visits the PERUN Airsoft booth during IWA 2019

The relatively young company, as it was founded in 2016, presented the following products during this year's IWA 2019.

Drop-in MOSFET called Perun V2 Optical / V3 Optical.

The device substitutes the standard trigger switch in V2/V3 gearboxes. By reducing the number of moving parts to an absolute minimum, the manufacturer wants to ensure the highest possible reliability of the product and high quality replica's work. The features of the Optical MOSFET series include: programmable firing modes (semi, full auto, burst of 2-5 shots), the Precocking function (the piston remains in the rear position after each shot, which shortens the time between the trigger pull and the shot to the bare minimum), and Active Break.

Perun AB (Active Break) is a separate active brake module.

Perun MOSFET - the smallest of this type of device on the market with the of dimensions 14 x 6 x 3mm.

The Nozz-X modular system of variable length nozzles allows for simultaneous perfect airtightness and smooth feeding of BBs.

New product announced for March 2019 is the Upgrade Kit for G&G replicas equipped with ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit).

The module offers functions such as programmable firing modes, Precocking and Active Break. In addition, the Upgrade Kit has an electronic fuse and a Li-Po battery protection mode that provides the user with a low-battery warning tone. The manufacturer ensures that the system works with batteries with a voltage between 7 and 17 Volts.

The WMASG team was welcomed at the booth with tasty coffee and delicious candy :) We wish the successes!

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