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The new PEQ LA5-C module from FMA

The new PEQ LA5-C module from FMA

The new PEQ LA5-C module from FMA

The FMA.HK company, known from manufacturing of tactical equipment and accessories for airsoft replicas, once again showed that it focuses on realism and further development. Some time ago, they launched a functional mounting system for the GSGM night vision devices used by i.e. CAG operators.

The company's latest product, the PEQ LA5-C module, differs from the ones available on the market having greater accuracy of workmanship and realism of operation. The module is fully adjustable, horizontally and vertically, IR illuminator, an IR laser and a standard laser visible to the naked eye.

At the moment, the PEQ LA5-C is only available in black. A potential customer will probably pay between 120 and 180 USD per unit. That's a lot, but the first copies on have reached the price of 379 USD per unit!



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