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IWA 2019: New products by 5.11
IWA 2019: New products by 5.11

IWA 2019: New products by 5.11

IWA 2019: New products by 5.11
IWA 2019: New products by 5.11

The 5.11 company doesn't need to be introduced to the majority of us airsoft and military enthusiasts. For many years now, the American manufacturer has a strong position on the market of tactical equipment and clothing. During the meeting with company representatives, the following new products were presented to us.

The All Mission Pack 10 (AMP 10) backpack - the smallest of the new line of backpacks by 5.11. The new product is characterized by a removable panel covered with an assembly system for pouches called the Hex Grid. The 5.11 proprietary system allows for the assembly of pouches not only vertically and horizontally, but also at an angle. An interesting feature is the ability to quickly remove the backpack's shoulder straps using a QD system. Various interchangeable external panels are offered for the backpack, among others, a medical panel or one that allows you to carry grenades. The AMP 10 has a capacity of 20 liters.

The range of Range Master bags and backpacks for use at a shooting range includes 3 products. These are called the Qulifier, the Backpack and the Duffel. The bags and backpack are equipped with three pouches as a standard, which can be used to carry loaded magazines, used casings or to carry handguns.

A bag for a handgun - the Single Pistol Case. The product is offered in a 5.11 proprietary camouflage called Geo7.

Two new models of tactical pants: the ABR Pro Pant and the Icon Pant. The first of the two is a modified version of the TacLite trousers. The cut has changed - the legs have been slimmed, and the material is now a stretchable (2-way) Flexi Lite Material. The pocket system remained similar to the Taclite model. The second one, the new Icon Pant models is a modification of the Stryke Pant model. The material is again the Flexi Lite and it also has a similar narrower leg cut. Also, panels made of material increasing the air circulation were added.

An interesting item is a backpack called the Morale Bag, which uses the First World War Razzle Dazzle camouflage. The backpack, as its name might suggest, also has a large Velcro panel designed to attach a large number of our favorite patches. The Morale Bag's capacity is 20 liters.

The 5.11's offer for in new products presented at IWA 2019 it complemented by multitools (the LE & EMT Multitool and the ESC Rescue Tool) and the CFK 4 and Ferro knives. The latter is offered together with a flint designed for quick fire ignition.

Most 5.11 products will be available in March and April 2019.


5.11 and WMASG invite you to take part in a contest - the prizes are 10 caps and 10 document cases made by 5.11 Tactical. And the question is: "What is the origin of the 5.11 company's name?". The answers can be written in the comments section under this article of at our fanpage. The winners will be drawn after the fair!

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