AK replicas by GBLS

09.09.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

The Korean GBLS company, known for its spectacular replicas of the AR-15 system, has announces its AK replicas

GBLS, a manufacturer of unique, in terms of design, AEG AR-15 replicas, has informed about the completion of works on the AK rifle replica. New replicas are to be available next year and immediately in several versions: a classic AK-47 (AKM?), a modern tactical and an M (?) versions. For now, there is no information about the technical details of the design, but knowing other GBLS products, one should expect a technological revolution. Why? As a reminder, see who the GBLS DAS15 M4 works:

Unfortunately, they probably won't be cheap. The AR-15 replicas shown in the videos cost around 1,600 EURO in Europe. It's hard to believe that the AK replicas will be significantly cheaper.

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