Historical repllcas at Octagon Airsoft

24.09.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

AEG replicas of rare submachine guns

Octagon Airsoft, a shop favoring all sorts of unique replicas, has just supplemented its offer of replicas of rare submachine guns. The following are currently available:

Beretta M12S (S&T)

Muzzle velocity: 350-370 fps. Price: 295 USD.

Sterling L2A1 (S&T)

Muzzle velocity: 370 fps. Cena: 335 USD.

M3A1 Grease Gun (S&T)

Muzzle velocity: 300-310 fps. Cena: 150 USD (SALE).

We advise caution to enthusiasts of this type of replicas as some of them can be found a bit cheaper on the Internet.

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