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Theta Optics (#2) - kolimatory zamknięte

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Theta Optics Red Dot Sights (#2) - Tube Sights

The second part of our test of Theta Optics red dot sights, provided to us by Gunfire store. This time we focused on tube sights, Promoted with the slogan "Clear view on your battlefield" are to be the competitor for premium products. Once more we worked our keybards out to show you, what we have collected. Currently we prepare third and last part of the test, presenting scopes.





The package



The sight is delivered to us in esthetic carton box. On the top the producer placed a picture presenting the model and name of the product. On the sides we have detalied properties of the device and (very nice surprise by the way)short description both in English and Polish. Properties contain information about weight, color and aiming point calibration. Nevertheless, we spotted really outrageaous mistake about the recommended power source - instead CR1620 battery, the sight is powered with CR2032. The device is placed in a box without any further protection. We found no sponge stencil, known from other models, apart from small squared piece in the bottom of the box. The sight moves in the box freely, however the movement is limited with small sizes of the box.


IMG_2700.jpgBox content:

- Sight with rubber covers and RIS bulge;
- CR2032 battery;
- hex key for sight mount;
- microfibre cloth;
- manual in English;
- humidity absorbing pack.

Outer performance



At first it seems to be a look-a-like of Aimpoint Micro T1, however the sight is not an exact copy. One can say it's rather inspired with the original device. First of all, RIS mount added to the model is different than the one of original T1. It may be considered as an advantage, because with no further cost, the sight can be lowered with just one screw and a hex key. Another differences are: unsimilar shape of a tube, knob covers and slightly wider form of a switch, what allows easier manipulation even in thicker gloves. Let's get back to knobs for a while. In case of  Aimpoint and it's clones, covers usually got insets used for dot regulation. Such solution is very useful in the field, as it does not require any tools. Unfortunately, here it's all plain, what requires a screw driver in order to adjust the aiming point. Set contains rubber lens covers what allows safe transportation and storage. The tube got esthetic, matt texture. On the left white, engraved Theta Optics logo is placed.

Covers - made of black, elastic rubber. Got little surplus of material. At first they look as if they are not to fit the sight, but eventually make their job.



Switch - formed as wheel. Got 11 positions. Switches swiftly with clear click. Wide, textured layer of the knob makes it easier to manipulate the device.

Aiming point - only red dot with 11 levels of brightness. Dot got no "ghost effect".

Regulation knobs - got additional screwed covers. Adjusted with flat screwdriver.



Lens - red and mirrored on the outside. Does not reflect or darken the view from the shooter's side.

Weight - 125 grams.




The sight got 11 brightness levels. Unfortunately with comparison to another copy of Micro T1, also available at the aiminig point is a lot less visible. Nonetheless, the Theta Optics sight makes it possible to aim through during sunny days in open spaces. Lower levels let us effectively use the sight in darker buildings without getting blinded with too bright dot. The dot adjustment is possible on the whole surface of the lens. Dot keeps the target while looking throught the sight from different angles, however in the case of the most extreme ones, on the edges of the lenses, the paralax makes it impossible to aim correctly. The position of a diode creating the red dot may be considered as a minor disadvantage. It's placed on the left side in contrary to the top or the bottom, as in the majority of other constructions. It influences the aiming (especially when the sight is placed far away from the eye) and deconcentrates the shooter.



It can be swiftly placed on the majoority of both economic and premium replicas - GFC, DBOYS, VFC, WE, G&G. The sight was tested at GBB replica as well. We didn't observed autogenous disadjusting of the aiming point nor turning the sight off.







The package



The sight is delivered in the box manufactured similarly as in the case of COMPACT. It also contains the mistake in the description of device power source - instead of CR 1/3 it is CR1602.


IMG_2709.jpgThe box content:

- the sight folded in sponge foil;
- Three CR1/3 batteries;
- cloth for cleaning lenses;
- Manual in English;
- humidity absorbing bag.


Outer performance



With no doubts, this model is a copy of Aimpoint CompM4. The chassis is made of aluminium covered with black, gently matte powdered paint. During usage one can feel strong metal cold. On the left side engraved white producer logo. On both sides of the sight one can find "flip-up" covers made of black rubber. Thanks to installed springs it is impossible to open the covers accidentaly. On the surface we have dicovered slight surplus of material. It got no influence of the covers movement.




Mount - typical for CompM4. Got removable bar allowing for height adjustment. On the left side equipped with huge cap with texture, what facilitates quick and easy remove of the device even while wearing thicker tactical gloves.

Switch - moves with gentle resistance with clear click. The dot marking current position is engreved over it.

Aiming point - the red and green dot with 10 brightness levels. Dot does not have the "ghost effect". It is possible to adjust it on the entire surface of the lens, both horizontally and vertically.

Regulation knobs - covered with metal caps, additionally secured with pieces of rubbers to protect it against getting lost.



Lens - manufactured correctly. With no blemishes or unevennesses affecting the view. On the outer side of the sight it is covered with silver, mirror reflex. Gently reflects, does not darken and does not affect the view.

Weight - 420 grams, what influences significantly the entire weight of the replica.

The usage


theta_optics_operator_6.jpgOne can choose between 10 brightness levels - 5 for each color of the aiming point. It can be selected between red and green dot. For aiming during the sunny day, the brightest level for each color is the only possible option. The view through the sight is (in comparison to other sights of similar class, showing the advantage of Theta Optics) is slightly darker and the dot keeps rounded shape at each level of brightness. In the right top corner the diode is visible. Considering the relatively high weight of the sight, the wisest position for it is in the middle or rear part of the replica to keep the appropriate balance.




Theta Optics Model RED DOT SIGHT 1x30




The package



The sight is delivered in esthetically manufactured box, similar to the one known from the COMPACT model. The box is one-piece, opened from the side. The carton used for production is definitely thinner than in the case of other models. The sight is wrapped in the sponge to be secured during the transportation, nonetheless inside lacks stencils to keep the prodcut stable. Optics gently moves in the box.


IMG_2688.jpgThe box contents:

- The sight with integrated, rubber flip-up covers,
- CR2032 battery;
- microfibre cloth;
- rmanual in English;
- wilgoć humidity absorbing bag.

Outer manufacture


IMG_2691.jpgThis sight is a model really popular among the market - classic 30 mm tube. It is made of aluminium covered with black, slightly matte paint. On the surface of the tested device, we have spotted deep scrateches, recovered with the paint once more. Nonetheless, they are visible only with the closer look and do not interfere the work of the device. On the side there is a white Theta Optics logo engraved.

Flip-Up covers - they deserve the approbation. Made of textured rubber and good quality plastic are constructed to block on the tube with the special inset. It ensures there will not appear a problem with closing the covers, which changed the position too much.




Mount - made of two seperate screws, which can be screwed or unscrewed without any tools. Incisions on nuts allows for tight and permanent mount with the screwdriver.

Switch - In the form of wheel. Got 11 levels. Changes positions with slight resistance and clear click. Wide, textured surface of the knob make adjusting it fast and easy.



Aiming point - red dot with 11 brightness levels. No "ghost effect" spotted.

Regulation knobs - equipped with cap covers. Adjustment possible with flat screwdriver.

IMG_2694.jpgLens - red, mirrored reflex on the outer side. Gently reflects, does not darken nor interfere the view from the shooters side.

Weight - 250 grams.




The sight got 11 levels of brightness. The dot is very clear what allows to use the device in the field even during sunny days. Lower levels facilitate utilizing the sight in dark buildings without the risk of getting blinded with too bright dot. The position of a diode seems to be a minor drawback. It's placed on the right side in contrary to the top or the bottom, as in the majority of other constructions. It influences the aiming (especially when the sight is placed far away from the eye) and deconcentrates the shooter, Wideness and length of the device provdes contrast between the sight and surroundings.



It can be swiftly placed on the majoority of both economic and premium replicas - GFC, DBOYS, VFC, WE, G&G. The sight was tested at GBB replica as well. We didn't observed autogenous disadjusting of the aiming point nor turning the sight off.

Theta Optics Model BATTLE II




The package



It consists of white carton box and hard, black, textured cover. Esthetic, slate label is sticked to the cover. The package is manufactured absolutely differently, when compared to other models. The picture does not present the sight. There is no description or product properties printed anywhere either. The only information present on the package are producer name, distributor code and importer data.



The box content:

- the sight wrapped in sponge foil;
- lens cloth;
- CR 1/3 batteries set for laser powering;
- CR1602 battery for sight powering;
- manual in English;
- humidity absorbing bag.


The outer performance



The sight is made of heavy-duty aluminium covered with black, slightly matte powder paint. Undubtedly it was inspired by Aimpoint® Comp M2, nonetheless Theta Optics added something of their own - the laser sight. When looking closely, one can spot deep scratches on the tube, covered with additional layer of paint, but there is no influence at device work. On the top the company logo was engraved.

Flip-Up covers - Manufactured of good quality rubber, do their job with no problem, opening automatically thanks to springs. Above mentioned laser is permanently built in the sight tube and is placed, where battery should be, when considering original Aimpoint. Because of this additional gadget, on the left side the knob for regulations of aiming point was added. It includes the battery port. In front of the laser, hex key holes for aiming point adjustement are located. The slope intallation is the copy of original construction. Can be added to RIS without any tools. Thanks to hexagonal nut it is possible to use appropriate key for sure placing.




Switch - formed as wheel. Got 11 levels. Changes positions with gentle resistance and clear click. Wide, textured surface on the entire knob facilitates regulations. The general switch is easy, plastic ON/OFF button.



Aiming point - red and green dot with 5 brightness level each. Got no "ghost effect".

Regulation knobs - covered with caps on the tob and the right side of the sight. Demands additional toll - flat screwdriver.


Lens - on the outer side got silver, mirror reflex. During sunny days reflects also on the shooter's side, hinders aimig. Apart from that, the picture is clear. Unfortunately it is also really dark.

Weight - 315 grams.

The usage



The aiming point is clear and facilitates work in the open space during sunny days. Lower levels allows for efficient aiming in darker buildings without bedazzlement effect. Aiming point adjustment is possible on the entire surface of the lens. Diode is placed on the left. In contrary to Compact model it does not deconcentrates the shooter, regardless the sight distance from the eye. Laser got sufficient power to work in buildings and it is absolutely possible to set it accordingly with the replica. The view is definitely too dark, what may hinder aiming on cloudy days or darker forests.



It can be swiftly placed on the majoority of both economic and premium replicas - GFC, DBOYS, VFC, WE, G&G. The sight was tested at GBB replica as well. We didn't observed autogenous disadjusting of the aiming point nor turning the sight off.


The summary

Theta Optics tube sights performed well in our test. Purists may feel discomfort with some changes in comparison with original models. the tube sights are manufactured definitely better than previously tested open ones. Our personal winner is OPERATOR model due to the best lens so far. It guarantees clear and the least darken view. Neither sight surprised us with the brightness of the dot. Despite sufficient brightness to be used in a daylight they yield to other sights from this price range.

For us the worst one was BATTLE II model - due to "mirror effect and dark view. It's definitely not „Clear view on Your battlefield”. Apart from this exception, the sights are solid, paint is durable and dots are clear.

Summing up, Theta Optics tube reflex sights are remarkably good and worth recommending. Price/Quality ratio seems to be fair. We got exactly as much as we paid for.


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