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New: Hudson H9 replica
New: Hudson H9 replica

New: Hudson H9 replica

New: Hudson H9 replica
New: Hudson H9 replica
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The EMG Arms (Evike Manufacturing Group) presented a photo of a replica of an interesting pistol, the Hudson H9.

Originally, it is a hammerless pistol and, in contrast to many modern designs, has a steel frame. During its creation, all tried and tested solutions from the world of firearms were used in combination with a modern design. That's why it has a trigger mechanism modeled after the Colt 1911 pistol. Thanks to the low center of gravity and axis of the barrel, it is characterized by reduced recoil when fired rapidly, which directly increases its accuracy. To maximize this effect, it was decided to put the return spring under the barrel as low as possible, hence the characteristic hump in front of the trigger. There is also an accessory rail that allows for mounting additional accessories.

It is powered by the 9x19 mm round from 15 round magazine, and its weight is around 963 grams. Thus, in terms of weight, it is in the same class as the Beretta M9 (970 g) and Sig Sauer P226 (964 g) pistols.

However, little is known about the replica itself. The only things available at the moment are the pictures themselves, without any detailed description or specific information, such as the price and the release date. However, we are glad that the manufacturer decided to launch a completely new design. Thanks to this, airsoft players will gain another exceptional replica to choose from. When new information become available, we will publish it on our portal.



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