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New: Mechanix Light vs Dark MultiCam
New: Mechanix Light vs Dark MultiCam

New: Mechanix Light vs Dark MultiCam

New: Mechanix Light vs Dark MultiCam
New: Mechanix Light vs Dark MultiCam
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The company specializes in production of gloves has decided to re-enter cooperation with the creators of Multicam camouflage, and thanks to this, a limited edition of Mechanix FastFit gloves made in Multicam Apline and Multicam Black camouflage saw the light of day.

As a standard feature, gloves from this line are made so that you can easily operate all kinds of touch screens. Thanks to the elastic cuffs and the fitting design, they can be put on quickly without the need to adjust them to provide maximum comfort. The thickness of the material, which is quite thin, does not limit the movement of the fingers. In addition, the Multicam Alpine camouflage version has been equipped with thermal insulation, designed to ensure thermal comfort and at the same time it does not significantly increase the thickness of the glove. Models from this edition are available in sizes from S to XXL.

Due to the limited availability, people who want to purchase this limited version should hurry up. Mechanix Wear does not consider resumption of production of the new versions of their gloves. The cost of the gloves on the company's website, excluding shipping, VAT tax and customs, is 24.99 USD. To buy them, or read a detailed description, just visit the manufacturer's website under this link.



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