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New: LV Placard - 5.56
New: LV Placard - 5.56

New: LV Placard - 5.56

New: LV Placard - 5.56
New: LV Placard - 5.56
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LV Placard - 5.56 combines minimalism and lightweight design with maximum functionality. The product is equipped with ITW Nexus buckles on each corner and attachable Velcro panel at the back. Thanks to this, it can be used both as a pouch for magazines in plate carriers type vest, and as a mini chest rig.

The whole set was designed to maximally increase the speed of drawing the magazines by the user. This is facilitated by the use of flexible material as a basis for the sides of the pouches. Products of this type are already available on the market, but according to the manufacturer, their model stands out thanks to a thoughtful design. Most pouches of this type are sewn from the bottom and sides, resulting in the inserted magazine / object being sometimes pushed out under the influence of the elastic material. In the LV Placard, it was decided to leave the bottom open and only add a strip of material to prevent it from falling out. Thanks to this solution, the push out effect does not occur in the Spiritus Systems product.

The panel is available in Multicam, black and coyote colours. Each version costs USD 59.95 without shipping, VAT tax and customs. People who want to buy this product or read a more detailed description can do it at the manufacturer's website available under this link



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