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MOA 2018 - Slong Airsoft
MOA 2018 - Slong Airsoft

MOA 2018 - Slong Airsoft

MOA 2018 - Slong Airsoft
MOA 2018 - Slong Airsoft

Slong Airsoft products are available at since this Spring. These are gearbox parts, external barrel extensions and the 6.05 mm Super Far innovative inner barrels. At the current Fair, MOA 2018, Slong Airsoft has presents both already known and new products.

Among things shown are the two G-KRISS conversion kits for the Glock pistols (HERA) and (HERE). The newer one is longer and has a collapsible butt stock made in the AR-15 standard.

It will be available in black and sand colour:

Soon after returning from Taiwan, we will be making a detailed review of the conversions kits of both lengths. In the meantime, to see more photos see the G-KRISS long gallery below.

Another product from the AR-15 rifles family, the creation of which has been announced a few months ago (HERE). It seems that Slong is now ready to start serial production:

And also this:

Replicas are made as full metal - the receivers, fronts and many other parts are made of aluminum alloy.The plastic elements are made from reinforced polymer.Inside, a V2 gearbox equipped with reinforced components and the possibility of quick spring change will be installed.

We have here polished aluminum cylinder, an aluminum nozzle with an o-ring (NOTE: it is 21.2 mm long, meaning that its shorter than in standard AR-15 replicas), a cylinder head with a thick and innovative bumper, steel bushings, low resistance wires and amazing looking gears and a piston with steel teeth. Some of these parts are already available at For example, the cylinder head mentioned above:Or the gears that are supposed to withstand an M210 spring: 

The exact date release date is yet unknown. It will probably be at the beginning of next year. Similarly, the price also remains unknown. More photos of AEG replicas can be found in a separate gallery below.

At the Slong Airsoft booth there were also upgrade parts presented.

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