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Revision products in US Army warehouses

Revision products in US Army warehouses

Revision - the world leader in the production of goggles and safety glasses, has informed about adding two lines of its products to the list of Authorized Protective Eyewear Lists (APEL). After comprehensive laboratory tests and field trials, Shadow Strike sunglasses and Snow Hawk winter safety goggles were selected for inclusion in the extensive list of APEL equipment.

The Shadow Strike Sunglasses are the first ballistic glasses with the OcuMax® lens lighter system, while the Snow Hawk goggles are the first model of cold protection goggles that offer the possibility of integrating them with a "magnetic" balaclava to provide excellent protection in extremely cold weather conditions.

APEL products are tested and tried in accordance with the army's guidelines and must meet military standards for ballistic protection (according to the MIL-PRF-32432A specification for eye protection).
The US Army has recently published the APEL 2019 list, which includes Shadow Strike glasses (black frames with tinted and transparent lenses) and Snow Hawk goggles (black or brown frames with tinted and transparent lenses). Also included in the list are: Sawfly glasses, Stinger Hawk glasses and Desert Locust goggles.

All products have been assigned NSN numbers.




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