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Hera Arms CQR
Hera Arms CQR

Hera Arms CQR

Hera Arms CQR
Hera Arms CQR

Recently, a new video promoting the Hera Arms CQR replica was released on the Internet:

The replica itself is very interesting.Built on the basis of the AR-15 standard, it has all the features of the more expensive ICS replicas. So we have here a two-part (split) gearbox with the additional option of quick spring replacement, the EBB system, a spring release system built into the safety/fire selector switch, factory-installed MOSFET and an electronic trigger control system operating in the pre-cocking mode (SSS 2.0 - the replica shoots from a tense spring, each work cycle ends with a spring in full tension). In addition, thanks to the cooperation with the German Hera Arms, the replica is fully licensed, has full markings, and also uses HA fronts made for real firearms.

Basic parameters:
- overall length: 706 mm;
- length of the inner barrel: 215 mm;
- weight: 3190 g;
- muzzle velocity: 360 fps.

The barrel ends with a standard 14 mm CCW thread therefore, after taking the flash hider off, you can use a silencer or any extension of the outer barrel to hide any extended inner barrel.

The replica is available, as shown in the photos, in two color variants: black and two-tone (dual tone). In addition, you can also choose the standard version, with all the above mentioned features, or a cheaper one, without the electronic trigger control system (SSS 2.0). This version does not feature the pre-cocking.

In Poland, you can now find a new replica in a cheaper version for about 1600 PLN. Replicas with SSS 2.0 system, when they were available, costed about 1800 PLN.

Prices in Asia (excluding shipment and additional fees) cost around 520 or 490 USD, depending on the version (with or without the SSS 2.0 respectively).



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