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SAI GRY forged style

17.06.2019 Author: Czoper Comments: 0

EVIKE accepts pre-orders for a new version of the SAI GRY replica

Evike is accepting pre-orders for a new EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) replica, modeled after the on Salient Arms International SAI GRY carbines. Similar replicas have been available for a long time, but these versions have modern-looking receivers modeled after SAI receivers made by a milling process done on a solid block of aluminum. The new replica will have a receiver made in a traditional shape, which in the original is made of pre-shaped forgings, which are then finalized using digitally controlled machining. The word "forged" in this case means the forgings. Billet is a word used to describe receivers made from an aluminum brick.

Both versions of SAI GRY replica (forged and billet) are fully licensed by Salient Arms International.

The announced replica:

And a comparison of the replicas' receivers - the forging up-close:

and the billet:

The original SAI GRY carbine in the forged version:


The price of the new replica is 480 USD plus shipping and additional fees. For comparison, the above shown real SAI GRY costs 3460 USD.

Basic technical data of the replica:
- total length: 820 - 900 mm (folded/unfolded stock);
- length of the inner barrel: 380 mm;
- weight: around 2800 g;
- magazine capacity: 140 BBs;
- muzzle velocity: 400-420 fps (using 0.2 g BBs).

The replica is based on a V2 Gearbox in the i5 configuration made by G&PIt uses 8-millimeter ball bearings and has the quick spring replacement feature and also an electronic control system (instead of a traditional contact switch). The is powered by the M140 G&P motor.

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