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Abakan (AN-94)
Abakan (AN-94)

Abakan (AN-94)

Abakan (AN-94)
Abakan (AN-94)

Just a few days ago we wrote about a custom replica of the  AN-94 that was awarded a silver medal in the 2019 Custom Gun contest organized by Hyperdouraku. Yesterday a video by Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons has appeared, which is presenting the real version of the very same carbine. Don't be fooled by the hoplite image and the Ares name! The video and the presented carbine have nothing to do with Ares Airsoft and AEG replicas. Ares Armament Research Services is a research and consulting company dealing with the issues of weapons and ammunition.


Thanks to the use nicknamed Mikunda, the can show you the original English language version of the above video, that has been uploaded 2 years ago, which will probably be easier to understand for the majority of you:



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