New: S3 Sling PRO

18.10.2018Author: Felipe7Comments: 0

Strike Industries has presented a new sling designed for firearms and airsoft replicas.

The key idea during the design process of the Silent Strategic Sling PRO was to maintain maximum simplicity and convenience when carrying a weapon which is characterized by its greater weight.

The sling is made out of 1000D nylon and equipped with a spacing net at the points of contact with the body. All the parts responsible for its adjustment have been designed so as to emit the least amount of sound that could reveal the position of the user when adjusting the sling in the field. Thanks to the use of 8mm EVA panels in strategic spots, moving heavy weapons will be much more comfortable.

A special pocket has been added to allow the carry a tactical stasis. Additional clips, on the other hand, allow the suspension to be quickly transformed from a two point to one point sling and vice versa. All you need to do is unfasten the part attached to the front grip and then plug it in the slot located on the sling near the chest.

There are two color versions available: black and sand. Each costs USD 26.95.

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