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Spring powered airsoft granade

09.01.2019 Author: NAWE_Mario Comments: 4

The TWairsofter portal has presented a video of an airsoft grenade with a "spring" powered drive, which does not require the use of green gas or CO2.

The airsoft battlefield knows kinds of various "grenades" - self-made, CO2-powered or green gas powered. This time through, we learn from the TWairsofter portal about a product that does not require the use of pyrotechnics or gases.

Grenade GBR Airsoft Grenade has a spring mechanism that initiates the "explosion" of BBs - it does not require the use of pyrotechnics or any kind of gas. The manufacturer declares a 5-meter "lethality" radius of the presented grenade. The housing made of ABS has room for 130 BBs.

The prices of the grenades in Hong Kongu are around 20$. 

Video 1:

Video 2:


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