Polarstar UGS in the 101Tech offer

09.02.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

The 101Tech store has informed us about the inclusion of the HPA cylinder adapter for AR-15 replicas

The adapter is mounted instead of the telescopic buttstok guide. As a result, it is possible to use a 13ci tank and a separately sold R3 buttstock.

The "tankstock" configured in this manner retains all the advantages of supplying compressed air, at the same time giving the possibility to adjust the length of the buttstock to one's own preferences and does not encumber the shooter with any kind of air hose.

The UGS has an integrated pressure regulator, identical to the highly valued Micro PolarStar regulator. The output pressure: 40-130 psi, adjustable with a 3/32 wrench, it also has the possibility of locking the adjusting screw.

Two versions of the adapter are available: type 1 for carbine receivers in a collapsible buttstock guide and type 2. for standard receivers. In both cases, smaller or larger modifications of the gearbox itself (type 1) or the gearbox and the receiver (type 2) are necessary.

The UGS is dedicated to work with the F1 V2, F2 V2 and Jack HPA engines. It is not compatible with the Fusion engine.

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