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10.03.2019 Author: NAWE_Mario Comments: 64

The long awaited replica finally at the LCT's booth

Fans of the LCT brand and Russian firearms spent weeks before the IWA 2019 fair waiting for a replica of the AK 12 rifle. The WMASG team was one of the first to obtain unique photos of this replica and personally assess how well it is made.

LCT also presented a set of a buttstock and front grip for the AK 12 rifle under the name LCK Series Modular - the one that we recently wrote about in our news.

We also noticed the LC3 replica - the German G3 rifle. In the LCT edition, besides a solid steel receiver and barrel, it is characterized by a wooden front grip and buttstock taken from a real firearm.


LCT and WMASG invite you for a contest. The prizes are LCT promotional gadgets. The question is: "What did the LCT company do before entering the airsoft market?". The answers can be written in the comments section under this article of at our fanpage. The winners will be drawn after the fair!

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