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The PK - not the PKM

19.03.2019 Author: Czoper Comments: 2

Another treat for reenactors - first copies of the PK machine gun replica by A&K appeared on the Internet

At the Swit Airsoft store a replica of the Soviet PK machine gun in the original version is available. It is not the modernized (and therefore not the PKM) manufactured by A&K. It is puzzling that the Chinese have waited for so many years to produce this replica. Just to remind you, PKM replicas with plywood and plastic buttstocks are available since 2012, and PK replica was planned for 2015.

Basic technical data:

- overall length: 1180 mm;
- length of the inner barrel: no data (PKM: 510 mm);
- weight: 7200 g;
- magazine capacity: 5000 BBs;
- muzzle velocity (using 0.2 g BBs): 340-390 fps.
These parameters are almost identical to the PKM parameters.

The design is, of course, fully metal except the pistol grip (plastic) and the buttstock (plywood). The bipod and the electrically operated magazine are made of steel.

The gearbox is the same as in the replicas of the PKM machine guns including an electronic control system allowing for the adjustment of the rate of fire.

Comparison with the PKM replica (PK below):

The distinctive barrel and gas block:

and a plywood buttstock.

Unlike in Pecheneg by LCT, the oiler acts like one, and its cap also acts as a a key for adjusting the front sight.

The buttstock from a different perspective:

Price: 499 USD plus shipping and any import fees.

Airsoft Mike was one of the first persons who got this replica. Below is his enthusiastic review:

And also a video loosely related to the subject of this news, depicting the PKP by LCT:


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