M320 by Ares

05.04.2019Author: CzoperComments: 3

Ares has published an announcement. Another replica of a grenade launcher will be available soon?

Two days ago Ares published on its Facebook page a poster promoting the M320 grenade launcher in two color versions, black and sand.

A distinctive feature of the M320 is the detachable buttstock. As long as it has a buttstock it is an autonomous weapon. After detaching it, you can use the top mounting clamp to attach is to a Picatinny rail and hang it under the barrel of an assault rifle.

Neither the date of actual introduction to the offer nor the price has been published yet. Replicas are not even present at Ares website nor at recently launched online store.  When it appears, it will attract many buyers as the earlier replicas of the M320 by Tokyo Marui or S&T are currently difficult to get.

 As in inspiration we will present the one made by TM as an autonomous grenade launcher and the also installed on HK416, SCAR L and HK417 replicas:

and Larry Vickers shooting from the real one:

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