Neptune Gearbox by Poseidon

10.07.2019Author: CzoperComments: 1

A new player in the segment of AEGs?

photo: Poseidon

Taiwanese Poseidon, which we know as the manufacturer of barrels and parts for gas powered replicas, will soon expand its offer. A few days ago, the company published first information and photos of a complete V2 gearbox. They also provided its marketing name - Neptune (Neptune Gearbox).

The idea of entering the AEG market was conceived almost 2 years ago, but the project was suspended at an early stage of implementation. Now Poseidon has returned to the subject and, as you can see in the presented photos, it is nearly finished.

We do not know what the specification of the gearbox's will be yet. The manufacturer declares, of course, that all internal parts are reinforced, but the statements specify only that the gearbox will have:
- steel gears mounted probably in ball bearings;
- fiber-reinforced polymer piston and tappet plate;
- a polished cylinder;
- and an electronic control module called TRIDENT.

The photo also shows that the frame itself has the quickly spring replacement feature. It seems similar to Arcturus/E&L frames.

The TRIDENT module is another integrated system with extensive safety features and has no mechanical contact surfaces. Its stated functions are: adjusting the sensitivity of the trigger (we understand that it is about adjusting the trigger travel length) and a three-round burst.

photo: Poseidon

If the photo above shows the actual test version of the Neptun, in our opinion: the ball bearings and the gears will be robust, the 3-round bust mode will be controlled by an optical sensor counting the teeth on the sector gear. Also, the gear on the motor shaft damaged the insulation of the control module power cable.

Is the production of a complete gearbox also a sign of planned production of complete replicas? In our opinion, yes, because among the scanty information about Neptune there is also a mention about a reinforced HopUp system.

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