SAI BLU RMR conversion kit

18.07.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

Another joint product by EMG and RA-TECH

Airsoft Taiwan has added a conversion kit for the replica of the Salient Arms International BLU pistol made by EMG. The set is distinguished by precise manufacturing using CNC machines and the use of steel. This material was used to make, among other things, are the slide, the outer barrel and mounting plate of the RMR collimator. Despite the high price (633 USD) the collimator is, of course, not included.

The EMG/RA-TECH SAI BLU with the kit mounted:

And a video by RA-TECH presenting the replica:

The base, that is the EMG SAI BLU pistol can be bought in Poland at Gunfire for 179,80 EURO LINK

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