KA-PG-21 and KA-PG-23 by King Arms

09.08.2019Author: CzoperComments: 0

Another limited series of Glocks? Well, no.

King Arms has published on Facebook profile, posters presenting "new" versions of pistols from the KA-PG-21 and KA-PG-23 lines, i.e. Glocks differing slightly in shape of the slide. Both presented replicas belong to the "limited series", but it seems that this only concerns the color of the slide of both replicas (gun metal).

Basic data of PG-12 and PG-23 guns:
- overall length: 213mm;
- inner barrel length: 113.4mm:
- weight without the magazine: 615g;
- magazine capacity: 24 + 1 BB;
- muzzle velocity: 285-310fps.

As we mentioned above, the PG-21 and PG-23 series differ only with the ribbing the slide and the holes placed in it. Both series are already available in different color options, including two-color ones (different frame/slide color). So the new limited "Knights Darker than Black" are probably just a marketing gimmick.

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