Taran Tactical Combat Master

12.08.2019Author: CzoperComments: 5

New licensed guns at Taiwangun

In the coming days new pistol, which is a result of cooperation with an american company Taran Tactical Innovations will become available at Taiwangun. This gun will be the licensed TTI Combat Master, which is made by TTI on the basis of the STI 2011 "Colt".

Technical details have not been given yet. It is known, however, that the first batch will be small. It will not be until September when more replicas arrive by sea. The slightly modified TTI Combat Master is a weapon used by John Wick in the third movie. In the first and second films he mainly used a Glock.

Taiwangun emphasizes that the gun shown in the pictures is a pre-production version. In the final one, the color of the barrel was changed to a bit darker shade.

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