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Tactical look level hard

The history of Moscow's Zenitco began in the 1990s. Initially, the company only produced tactical lighting. Over time, laser sights were added to the offer, followed by a number of accessories and tactical solutions for AK system weapons and its derivatives. For several years, Zenitco has been the official supplier of some of the law enforcement departments of the Russian Federation. Zenitco products are valued for innovation and unprecedented quality. Thanks to this, they are eagerly used by soldiers of many Russian "first-league" units. You can see them in contemporary photos from Syria. In recent years, Zenitco has been also developing a product line for the civilian market and it has also been successful there. Few people know that there are also Zenitco accessories dedicated to AR weapons system.

Last year, LCT Airsoft, which has been specializing in the production of replicas of various AK models for years, took some of the accessories from the Zenitco range to the workshop. As a result, at the turn of 2019 and 20, accessories from the Z Series appeared on the market. They are not licensed replicas of Russian products, but very good copies. The test items in our possession even bear similar markings to the originals. Apparently, copies bought online do not have such markings.

The Z series, for understandable reasons, is not complete - that is, it does not have copies of all available Zenitco products. Despite this, it is large enough to allow many variants of replica modification.

Let's start with the enlarged charging handles that facilitate reloading:

The originals are called the RP-1 and the RP-2. In the original RP-1 is intended for 7.62x39 mm and 5.45x39 mm chambered rifles, except for the AKM. The RP-2, in turn, was intended for the 9x19 mm chambered rifles (e.g. the Vityaz).

Another thing is the grips based on the original RK-3:

The ZRK_3 is designed for standard AEG motors and, to be honest, it is almost monstrous in size. The S version is sold complete with a slim type motor. This variant looks great, and the motor easily copes with the replica.

The RK front grips:

The names match the original ones. They are made of aluminum and mounted on a Picatinny rail. In the photo below, not directly on the handguard, but on an additional extension rail, e.g. for mounting a flashlight (in the original the B-9 rail, gooseneck)

The ZPT_1 and the ZPT_3 stocks (the PT-1 and the PT-3)

Apart from the butt plate, they are made entirely of aluminum. Folded to the side (to the left) and adjustable in several ways: length, height of the cheek pad, vertical movement of the butt plate. The ZPT_1 requires an allen key to be adjusted therefore we adjust it once the way we want it and leave it. The key is not needed in ZPT_3 as the adjustment is easier and faster. This can also be done in the field.

The hangaurds (B-10, B-11, B-30)

All made from 100% aluminum. The classic B-10 hangaurd for standard length for full-size and shortened versions of AK rifles (including the AKM). The B-30 is an extended hangaurd, covering the gas block. The B-11 is the shortest version for the AKS-74U.

Gas tube top covers (B-19, B-31)

The ZB_19 is a standard length cover for full-size and short versions of the carbine. It can be combined with the B-10 and the B-30 hangaurd. The long ZB_31 is dedicated for the ZB_30. Both cannot be assembled by themselves due to the mounting to the hangaurd. The ZB_11/ZB_19 set can also be mounted on a PP-19-01 Vityaz replica.

The  ZB_33 (B-33) receiver cover. It is said that this is the most stable accessory cover for the AK receiver, allowing the use of optical or optoelectronic sights mounted on it.

At the front it is mounted to the receiver with 4 screws (white arrows - 2 screws per side). On the back it is secured with the standard latch. The red arrow is a hinge - the lid opens as in the AKS-74U.

The Z series is complemented by:

Copies of DTK-2 muzzle breaks (with right and left-hand threads) and the DTK-1.

Picatinny rail carrying sling swivels (ZA_1)

Additional ZB_13 and ZB_18 mounting rails - the first is mounted on a standard AK side rail, the second is a raising rail for a collimator.

And a series of silencers - the ZDTK_4 and the PUTNIK with right and left-handed threads.

All Z series accessories are made with quality and care typical of LCT. They fit LCT replicas without any problems. Mounting them on replicas of other manufacturers will certainly require some minor adjustments.


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