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New replicas from the Galaxy series in the WE offer

New replicas from the Galaxy series in the WE offer

New replicas from the Galaxy series in the WE offer

Recently, WE has presented new replicas from the Galaxy series on its website. New frames from the 1911 and HiCapa families were used, and thus they will be fed from the magazines of these replica. Versions in 5 colors of the receiver and a silver and black frame were presented. According to the manufacturer, the frames are made of aluminum alloy.


There were also other outer barrels with different shapes of cutouts and the Premium line with a different outer barrel which made the replica very similar to the Ruger Mk.IV 22/45 model. As standard, the barrels end with a 14mm CCW thread. The Galaxy G series replica itself (based on the frame of Glock replicas) generates 320 fps using 0.2 g BBs, weighs about 900 grams and has a semi and full-auto mode. The manufacturer has not provided a release date.

Expanding the possibility of building replicas individually and increasing the base of available platforms may increase the number of users of these replicas. In addition, getting closer to the appearance of a firearm counterpart may turn out to be a good move.




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