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InfiRay Tube TL50, TL35V2 and TH50V2
InfiRay Tube TL50, TL35V2 and TH50V2

InfiRay Tube TL50, TL35V2 and TH50V2

InfiRay Tube TL50, TL35V2 and TH50V2
InfiRay Tube TL50, TL35V2 and TH50V2

InfiRay Outdoor constantly develops its offer of night vision and thermal imaging cameras and sights, and tries to set new trends on the market with some revolutionary solutions.

The next fresh thermal imaging sights from this manufacturer, the TL50 and TL35V2 models, are not a breakthrough, but they meticulously develop the TUBE product line, intended for people who appreciate the combination of modern technologies with the ergonomics of classic daytime optics.

The TL series is located on the middle shelf in the InfiRay brand's offer. It uses 12 um sensors with a resolution of 384x288 pixels. The TL50 model completes this series with a product designed for long-range shooting. Compared to the TL35, it uses a larger (50 mm) lens, which also affects the higher base magnification: 4x. This narrows the field of view to just 5.2°x4.0°, but has a positive effect on the detection range of a human-sized object (2600 instead of 1800 meters).

The TL50 retains all the features of the TL35, but also introduces some improvements and new features. One of them is cooperation with the optics-mounted, external LRF (laser rangefinder) module that communicates with the sight via Bluetooth. Pairing the device automatically turns off the basic stadiametric rangefinder. The manufacturer also decided to replace the 1280x960 LCOS display used in the TL35 model with an AMOLED screen of 1024x768 pixels. The last of the significant changes is the appearance of a built-in microphone that enriches recordings with the TL50 with sound. Other features of the device are consistent with the specs of the entire TUBE product line.

The second fresh model is the TL35V2. This is a revised version of the TL35, which has gained the same new functionalities and features as the TL50 described above. The TL35V2 model, like its earlier version, is dedicated to use at slightly closer distances. It uses a 35mm lens. The base magnification is 3x, the field of view is 7.5°x5.6°, and the detection range is 1800 meters.

An interesting fact at the moment is the refreshed version of the TH50 sight, the TH50V2. It is positioned on a higher shelf in the InfiRay's range, thanks to the use of a sensor with a resolution of 640x512 with a pixel size of 12 um.

Although the manufacturer does not openly mention the refreshed version for 2023, it has already appeared in the offer of some distributors, including in Poland. Similar improvements to the previously mentioned models are expected, with the exception of the screen used, which is likely to be an OLED with 2560x2560 pixels. It remains to wait for official information from InfiRay Outdoor.

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