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New HPA Pulsar H engine from Gate Enterprise
New HPA Pulsar H engine from Gate Enterprise

New HPA Pulsar H engine from Gate Enterprise

New HPA Pulsar H engine from Gate Enterprise
New HPA Pulsar H engine from Gate Enterprise

Gate Enterprise has presented its new HPA engine. This is the third product of this type from the Polish manufacturer. This time, the offer includes the Hybrid Pulsar H for V2 with the included ASTER II Bluetooth Expert system. The Pulsar H is to combine the advantages of a single and two-valve engine. The cost of the engine is to be closer to cheaper single-valve products, while the use of innovative solutions is to eliminate typical problems of the open-bolt designs while maintaining user-friendly operation.

Pulsar H

The Pulsar H is to be, above all, much friendlier and easier to install than the first GATE Enterprise engine, i.e. the Pulsar S, which required a service technician with significant knowledge and skill, especially when eliminating the so-called mid-cap syndrome. In turn, the two-valve Pulsar D can easily eliminate this problem. According to the manufacturer, the new engine will be, in this respect, closer to the features offered by the more modern Pulsar D.  

.Pulsar H

What distinguishes Pulsar H is the innovative two-stage open-bolt system, which separates the nozzle movement cycle from the air supply cycle. The use of this engine is also intended to eliminate the occurrence of a first "empty" shot known from closed bolt engines. The adjustment range is declared within 250 - 550 FPS (80-140 PSI).


Together with the engine they buyer will receive the ASTER II. This is a new generation system, which is a development of the standard first generation Aster, which is cheaper than the manufacturer's Titan system. The Aster II is distinguished primarily by the possibility of configuring it via a bluetooth connection with the GCS (GATE Control Station) application installed on a smartphone. GATE Enterprise provides the application for free. You can download it for from Google Play and Apple App Store and, depending on which model you have, connect to it using a USB-link cable. or in this case via bluetooth (Blu-link module built into the ETU). What probably distinguishes the GATE Enterprise product the most from the competition is its transparency and intuitive operation. It is through this application that you can control the entire system and have capabilities not provided by competing products.

Pulsar H 25%

Currently, Pulsar H can be pre-ordered with a 25% discount, which gives the final price of 383,78 EUR instead of the regular price of 511,70 EUR. The offer is valid until May 26 or while stocks last. Shipping is scheduled at the end of July or at the beginning of August this year.

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