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10th Edition of Light Infantry and Open Days
10th Edition of Light Infantry and Open Days

10th Edition of Light Infantry and Open Days

10th Edition of Light Infantry and Open Days
10th Edition of Light Infantry and Open Days

As in previous years, Klub Strzelających Inaczej is organizing one of the most intense shooting competitions called "Light Infantry". This will be the 10th edition, and the WMASG editorial team has been accompanying them for over three years now. Each subsequent, the organizers introduce some changes, and this year there is also room for surprises. In addition to dividing the event into three categories (Light Infantry, Lighter Infantry and Extra Light Infantry) differing in intensity, tasks and time, this time a taste of participation has been prepared, in a form of open days.


As the official competition takes place during two dates (July 12-13 for Lighter and Extra Lighter Infantry, July 19-21 for Light Infantry), open days are organized the day before the official competition, that is on July 11 and July 18. Open days will offer the opportunity to walk the Light Infantry track (with your own or a club's weapon), talk to the organizers, experience the emotions and shoot. And there's going to be a lot going on this year.

The announced tasks included shooting with the LMT M203 grenade launcher for the Light and Lighter categories and combat simulation in prepared trenches.

Individual categories differ in duration (from 8 hours for Extra Light, 18 hours for Lighter and 36 for Light Infantry) and the number of different shooting and navigation tasks as well as equipment requirements (which could already be read about on our portal in articles about the previous edition).

There will also a kayak trip, which will start the competition in the Light Infantry category at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 19. Those interested will be able to follow the competition thanks to the shared GPS location of individual pairs.

It is worth emphasizing the popularity of the Light Infantry competition with its turnout, where competitors from all over Europe will compete. 84 pairs were registered in the hardest Light Infantry category, 12 pairs in the Lighter Infantry category and 72 pairs in the Extra Light Infantry category. This year, the competition received great support from sponsors (who will also be present at the open days). At the moment, the entire prize pool has not been revealed yet, only the one for the fittest, where 1st place will receive Hikmicro TE19 thermal sight from the Kolba.pl store.

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