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Pojawił się pierwszy chiński klon Kriss Vector AEG

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The Rossian Tactical Fun Boys group has informed us about an interesting find. That is a Kriss Vector AEG made in China.







The SMG has all the marking of the original - only the packaging itself has the "G2 AEG Rifle" name on it. Inside it we will find also find a MOSFET. The Chinese replica will also have an additional firing mode - a 2 round burst and a spring quick exchange system. The gearbox parts such as gears, the piston, the cylinder, are compatible with the standard v2 gearbox. The hop up chamber, the tapper plate, the nozzle and the piston head were designed from the ground up. The gearbox itself is significantly different from the recently presented recently presented design by Krytac. The product will be available in two colours: black and TAN, and also in a long and short barrel version. The release date of the G2 and its price remain unknown.



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