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PERUN v2 drop-in MOSFET
PERUN v2 drop-in MOSFET

PERUN v2 drop-in MOSFET

PERUN v2 drop-in MOSFET
PERUN v2 drop-in MOSFET
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Perun is a Polish company from Goleniów, which was founded in 2016, to design and sell a dorp-in MOSFET systems. Their  first product is the Perun v2, which replaces the trigger switch in replicas with both the regulat V2 gearbox and the V2 long type gearbox.



The product is delivered in an aesthetic, but simple box with the manufacturer's logo, additionally packed in anti-static foil.



The set contains:

<ul><li>Perun electronic trigger circuit</li><li>a T-connect plug</li><li>a fuse with sockets</li><li>motor connectors</li><li>heat-shrinking tubing </li></ul>

According to the manufacturer's declaration, the MOSFET is compatible with a wide range of Tokyo Marui standard V2 gearboxes made by:

<ul><li>G&P</li><li>G&G</li><li>Classic Army</li><li>KWA</li><li>Ultimate</li><li>A&K / PJ</li><li>JG</li><li>Specna Arms</li><li>Cyma



In addition, I can confirm that the system can be installed in a WE KATANA replica. Although the lower frame underwent minor modifications due to earlier installation of the TITAN system they were, nevertheless, rather cosmetic.

The PERUN system is available in two versions: for replicas with the battery placed in the front grip and inside the butt stock. As the manufacturer declares that the wire used are of low resistance type, with a cross-section of 1.3mm<sup>2</sup> covered with polyolefin and fluorinated polymer insulation, meeting the requirements of the MIL-STD-681 military standard. Thanks to this, the insulation is much less susceptible to mechanical damage than simple silicone one. The wires used are sufficiently flexible and the small outer diameter makes it easy to arrange them inside the gearbox frame and the replica.



A certain downside for me is the used of an external fuse and its dimensions. The currently produced version, instead of the black tubular fuse housing, has a socket for a typical car fuse. I think that this is a good step, but it is still not possible to mount some stick type batteries in the butt stock guide. They will simply not fit inside together with the fuse.



The assembly of the system is similar to others that replace the trigger switch. The Perun system fits very well and putting it in the frame is not a problem. According to the instructions, the system requires one fire selector plate for proper operation. I managed to find a blue one, but to be sure of the correct operation of the optical system I decided to stick to it a white sticker to it, that I was left lying around after the GATE TITAN system tests.



The installation of the system went without much difficulty. After this step, the time has come to program and test the MOSFET.



Functions available in the PERUN system:

<ul><li>a MOSFET</li><li>programmable length of burst fire (2-5 shots)</li><li>double shot (the replica fires once after pulling and once after releasing the trigger)</li><li>active break (AB)</li><li>battery low voltage warning</li></ul>

The programming process is quite simple and is done only with the use of the trigger and the fire selector switch.


<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vkpykIyZQSI" width="500" height="412" frameborder="0" />


We conducted field tests that showed that the MOSFET can easily handle M130 and M150 springs (inside the WE Katana gearbox) also in full-auto mode. In addition, the system, after replacing the fuse to a 40A one, passed a stress test for which we used an SP170 Guarder spring inside a CNC gearbox also in a full-auto mode.



Perun v2 is a compact system mounted instead of a trigger switch block, which allows you to program replica's firing modes and protect your Li-Po batteries. The applied AB system allows to remove the traditional anti-reverse latch (if we apply a sufficiently strong neodymium motor), and its shape allows to still use the mechanical trigger safety feature. In general, the MOSFET works without any problems, it is well made, and its assembly does not cause any major problems. The wires provided in the set are of good quality, although I would personally prefer them to be black. It is true that the fuse takes up some space in the butt stock guide, but the new solution with its location just after the T-Connector saves a bit more space. Unfortunately, only long-term use will show whether the mechanical micro switches will last and withstand continuous operation. On one hand, they are potentially more vulnerable to mechanical damage or failure from optical sensors used, for example, in the GATE TITAN system, on the other hand, there should not be any problems related to grease stains which, unfortunately, happens in case of optical sensors. At this point, it should be emphasized that the MOSFET has an attractive price and is an interesting alternative to more expensive systems such as TITAN, ASCU, BlueFET or JeffTron systems, which have some problems with reliability.


We would like to thank PERUN for providing us with one of their systems for testing.





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