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GUNfet - µFET_AB
GUNfet - µFET_AB

GUNfet - µFET_AB

GUNfet - µFET_AB
GUNfet - µFET_AB

A new product from the Gunfet based in Gdańsk, Poland has recently appeared on our market. The μFET_AB has joined the family of MOSFETs. It is a miniature system equipped with an active brake.


The product is delivered in a cardboard box, wrapped in an antistatic film.


Together with the system, we receive signal wires, heat shrink tubing, a sticker and a QR code acts as a link to the user manual.c9f2f1c6f65eb5a3f16490a4415960d6.JPG

μFET_AB is a miniature device with very small dimensions - 21.5 x 10.7 x 4.5 mm.
These small dimensions allow you to install this system in almost every replica, without having to disable the active brake function.

Main functions:

<ul><li> Active break</li><li>MOSFET - trigger switch contact surface protection, increase of ROF</li><li>The smallest circuit with an active break on the market</li></ul>

The test:

The circuit has been tested in the following replica:
CTR-02 - CNC ProWin Gearbox: Guarder SP170 main spring, ITU Guarder gears, Systema AtoZ motor powered by a 11.1V battery.

In the replica with the above presented parameters, the mosfet works without a slightest problem, heating up only in the full-auto firing mode. The manufacturer declares that the circiut will work with batteries up to 16.8V. Due to the lack of such a high voltage battery, μFET_AB has been tested with a 14.8V battery. The use of a power source with such a high voltage, even in connection with an SP170 spring, is not a problem for the tested system.


μFET_AB is a very simple AB system with really small dimensions. Thanks to this, you can easily install it in any replica, just remember that all wiring should be soldered to the PCB.

We would like to thank GUNfet for letting us use the µFET_AB for testing.541ba62182292173be0d497f53ee1c8b.jpg



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