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New: FLITELite Microlight Lip Light
New: FLITELite Microlight Lip Light

New: FLITELite Microlight Lip Light

New: FLITELite Microlight Lip Light
New: FLITELite Microlight Lip Light
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It was created with pilots, rescuers and soldiers in mind. The main principle during its design was to provide the most compact device for reading maps and documents without the need to use hands.

For this purpose, the flashlight was designed so that it could easily be attached to the user's gear, for example a helmet or the headband of active headphones. If you want to attach it to a non-standard element, you can purchase many types of mounting systems available at the manufacturer's website.

The device is powered by three AG-10 batteries and has a 10-minute automatic switch. To change the brightness, just hold down the switch until the desired setting is achieved and the built-in microchip will remember the settings. There will be no need to adjust the brightness after the flashlight is turned on again. However, the next time brightness is adjusted, the flashlight will reset to the lowest setting. According to the designers, this is to prevent the user from being dazzled / betraying his / her position by a sudden flash of a too bright light.

The flashlight is waterproof and dustproof, however the manufacturer did not provide the exact level of resistance to these factors. The  colors of light offered are: NVIS Green, NVIS White, red and white. The first two have the MIL-STD-3009 certificate confirming that they are compatible with night vision devices. Thanks to this, when using the goggles and highlighting a map / documents, the picture seen through them will be clear. The last two colors are intended for use without image intensifiers.

The price for the device, without shipping costs, customs and VAT tax is 54.95 USD and the purchase can be made under this link.



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