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Edge - a new line of replicas by Specna Arms
Edge - a new line of replicas by Specna Arms

Edge - a new line of replicas by Specna Arms

Edge - a new line of replicas by Specna Arms
Edge - a new line of replicas by Specna Arms

There are several distinguishing features of the Edge series. First of all: a completely metal design. Secondly: the Orion gearbox (more specifically its configuration, not the frame version) with the ESA spring change system. Thirdly: the X-ASR MOSFET by GATE. The Edge series also has licensed markings of the Rock River Arms - an American firearms manufacturer. The same as in the slightly cheaper RRA Core series.



We are testing the SA-E17-Gray carbine. Since this is the first replica of the Edge series, we will pay more attention to the features and parts common to all Edge replicas of the "first batch", slightly less to the unique features of this particular replica. We will look particularly closely at the parts of the gearbox mechanism that will probably be common to the whole series.



The set

The set is packed full. Along with the replica, we get two mid-cap magazines holding 125 BBs, an additional M90 spring, a hand stopper tactical grip, Specna Arms leash, an instructions manual, a card with a factory measurement of the muzzle velocity, an advertising folder, a sticker sheet and a separate manual detailing the operation of the X-ASR system. Most of these items are, of course, just minor things, no the less its nice too see them the first time the box is opened. And about the box... The whole is packed in a cardboard box with colorful graphics that protects the parts of the set. It points out the very clearly that the replica is equipped with a system made by GATE.


Basic parameters

Overall length (with folded/unfolded stock): 670/735 mm;
Length of the inner barrel: 250 mm;
Diameter of inner barrel: 6.03 mm;
Weight without battery and magazine: 2270 g;
Muzzle velocity (using 0.2 g BBs): about 380 fps (according to the card provided)
Battery connector: T-connect or mini Tamiya (adapter included)

First impression? Its more than very good. Color, texture, fitting - everything looks very good.


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